Day 3

Today is our last day. We are doing a river study and the maze and blindfold trail.

This morning we did the maze and blindfold trail. We worked in pairs and had to trust our partner to help us round the course. It was scary and fun being blindfolded.

The maze was fun. We had to crack a code. It took us ages to find all the letters! On the blindfold trail, Farouk got very muddy going through the tunnel.

River Study

We did a river study after the blindfold trail. We had to get in the water and measure how deep it was. We also found lots of animals living in the stream when we did the pollution study. My favourite bit was when Shaniqua let the water go over the top of her wellies. She screamed so loud!

After lunch we're going home. I LOVED Sayers Croft. It was the best school trip ever!